Creepy short horror films

A collection of 13 five-minute creepy movies…

There are some really good horror short films coming out these days, mostly just a few minutes long.
The great thing about shorts is they can just use a cool concept; they don’t need to keep it rolling for nearly 2 hours, or tie everything up.

One of the most important things in creepy stories is the unknown, the inexplicable – Something beyond our everyday understanding is going on and one of the things 2hr movies struggle with most is how to end them, giving closure but not ruining the situation in throwing light on it.
Shorts don’t have to deal with that problem, and are very different…

With the nights drawing in, I’ve recommended 13 shorts just a few minutes long, well worth checking out… They mostly make good use of creepy ideas – but there are a few jumps.

2AM: The Smiling Man,    by Michael Evans
based on a creepypasta…

The Seamstress,    by Tyler Mann

Thresher,    by Mike Diva

Mockingbird,    by Marichelle Daywalt

Last Train Home,    by Sion Griffiths
 based on an urban legend…

He Dies At The End,    by Damian Mc Carthy

Samaritan,    by Brian Lillie

Tea Time,    by Erik Deutschman
(watch on youtube)

Curiosity,    by Scott Peehl
when a guy finds a DVD on the way home…

Attic Panic,    by David F Sandberg & Lotta Losten

Victim,    by Eddie Adamson

No Through Road

Peekers,    by Mark Steensland



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