The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo

The age of childhood sleepovers and rumor…

“The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo” may not sound like an obvious title for a spooky tale, but it’s a story well worth the visit.
Set in the simple, in some ways restrictive, world of a child at a sleepover.

You just do normal, everyday activities, but as you go you get interested in the story that plays out subtly. -Many of our real stories play out behind ordinary things.

I’ve always found that stories with a childhood setting well told can be really effective, delving you back into a world of schoolyard rumour and of the folklore of youth that held a power we tend later to forget. An unknown world where anything seemed possible, and you might believe in all sorts of things that later seem further removed from our lives.

A short interactive fiction game, taking around 15 minutes, but with multiple ends, illustrated with scarce but evocative imagery that suits the strange story…


One comment

  1. Finally got round to playing this. Really enjoyed it.

    You should write some IF. Quest is really easy to learn.

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